First Aid, CPR & AED Training

Protect It First Aid & Safety is an authorized Medic First Aid training facility offering a variety of training solutions to best accommodate your busy workforce. We offer a two-year First Aid, CPR and AED certification that can be accomplished online, in the classroom, or through a blend of both.

Certification & Expiration Notifications

We will manage your employee recertification roster for you, notifying you when expiration dates approach so you will know when each employee needs to become recertified. We seek to establish a plan that ensures your employees are recertified in a timely manner so they will be always prepared for emergencies.

Classroom Training

A trained Protect It representative will instruct your employees to effectively recognize and handle emergencies in the critical first minutes prior to the arrival of EMS personnel. Our course provides a complete health and safety training solution for First Aid, CPR and AED utilization. A certification card will be issued within 48 hours of class completion. (Must have at least 10 participants)

Blended Training

By far the most popular option, this solution allows your employees to view a 2-hour self-paced training video course. Once completed, an onsite or remote skills assessment is scheduled with an authorized trainer.

Blended Training Program Specifics

  1. Sign up and receive an internet link for online training. The training video takes approximately 2 hours in one session to complete. It can be paused and restarted.
  2. Schedule the Remote Skills Assessment. Allow approximately 30 minutes for completion. Manikin and supplies are required. Allow 7 to 10 days for Protect It to drop ship to your workplace.
  3. A video conference evite is sent directly to your employee and the program must be completed within 30 to 45 days from receipt of the email invite.
  4. The skills check is conducted, and the recertification card is issued within 48 hours of class completion.

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