Fire Programs

When it comes to fire extinguisher compliance, keeping up with regulations set forth by OSHA, the International Code Council, and your insurance company can be overwhelming.

Allow Protect It to take this burden off your hands through our comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Program.

Our program includes:

  • Monthly inspections of existing units
  • Annual inspections of existing units
  • Existing unit repair and maintenance
  • New unit sales

Protect It Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Our maintenance program includes the following services:

  • Assessment of your facility to determine the quantity/location of extinguishers needed.
  • Mounting/installation of extinguishers in locations most beneficial to the safety of your employees.
  • Monthly inspections (with documentation)
  • Annual Inspections (with documentation)

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Our safety experts will inspect each of your fire extinguishers for the following:

  • Location of extinguishers is clear with unimpeded access
  • Physical damage, leakage, and corrosion
  • Locking pin is in place; tamper seal is intact
  • Nozzle and hose are not clogged
  • Pressure gauge is working properly
  • Operating instructions are visible, facing outward

Fire Extinguisher Repair & Maintenance

During inspections, needed repairs are inevitably identified. In these instances, we will either repair the unit onsite or replace the damaged unit with a working unit while repairing it offsite.

Fire Extinguisher Sales

In other instances, our safety experts identify units which are beyond repair and in need of immediate replacement and/or identify additional locations that need a unit but have not been identified previously

Fire Prevention is the Key

In addition to a consistent, well designed fire program, OSHA recommends these commonsense measures to lower the risk of injury to employees and protect your assets:

  • Conduct employee evacuation training
  • Conduct training related to fire equipment and proper usage
  • Make sure exit doors are not blocked or locked and are properly marked with signage

We are here to make sure your business environment is safe. Our experts will assess your business needs, develop a fire safety plan, provide the extinguishers needed and maintain them so you can focus on running your business.

Contact Protect It today via chat, phone or email. We are ready to protect your workforce.

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