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Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

As a dentist, you are uniquely positioned to provide care for patients during a dental emergency. By being prepared with the right training, medications, and equipment, you can help ensure that your patients receive the best possible care in the event of an emergency. This post is intended to provide information about the training, basic […]
Emergency Medical Kits for Dental Offices

Emergency Medical Kits for Dental Offices

If you’re a dentist, it is extremely important to have an Emergency Medical Kit on hand at all times. They are mandated by law in some states to treat dental patients in the event of an emergency. In this article, we will discuss why Emergency Medical Kits are so important for dentists and what laws […]
What is the purpose of defibrillation

What is the Purpose of Defibrillation

Defibrillation is a lifesaving procedure that is used to restore a normal heart rhythm in individuals who have experienced cardiac arrest. This treatment involves delivering an electric shock directly through the chest wall and into the heart, in order to the heart’s electrical activity that may be causing the person’s heart to stop beating. What […]

Do defibrillators restart a stopped heart?

Yes, defibrillators can restart a heart in fibrillation but there are instances when the heart has no electrical activity and can’t be restarted with defibrillation. When the heart is in fibrillation, it needs a jolt of electricity to get it going again. That’s exactly what a defibrillator does. It delivers a high-energy electrical shock that […]

Why Is Defibrillation Important In CPR?

Defibrillation is an important part of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) because it can help restart a person’s heart if it has stopped beating or is experiencing fibrillation. By administering rapid defibrillation, CPR can be much more effective in helping to save a person’s life. This article will outline the relationship between CPR and early Defibrillation and […]

The difference between a defibrillator and a pacemaker

Is a defibrillator the same as a pacemaker? This is a frequently asked question about both devices. This blog post will unpack the differences but a defibrillator is a device that gives a high-voltage electrical shock to the heart. This can be an internal or external device. A pacemaker is a small device that is […]
Who invented the defibrillator

Who invented the defibrillator?

The invention of the defibrillator actually came in many incremental breakthroughs making it hard to identify the exact inventor. This article will unpack all the significant events that lead to the modern-day external defibrillator and how they are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) for diseases of the human heart. We hope to answer […]
AED Machine for Home Safety

AED Machine for Home Safety: Why Every Homeowner Needs One

An AED machine, or automated external defibrillator, is a portable device that can save the life of someone experiencing a heart attack. If you are a homeowner, it is important to have one of these machines on hand in case of an emergency. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of having an […]
How Often Do Fire Extinguishers Need To Be Checked

How Often Do Fire Extinguishers Need To Be Checked?

If you run a business, it’s important to make sure that your fire extinguishers are checked regularly to ensure they are in working order. In this post, we will discuss how often fire extinguishers need to be checked and the legal requirements for doing so. We’ll also provide some tips on how to keep your […]

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