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EMKs for Dentists

Is Your Dental Practice Emergency Ready?

Cloud EHS Platform Software

iProtect Cloud Practice Readiness Platform

Track and manage emergency medical kits including all expiration dates for medications and AED accessories. Our cloud practice readiness software is designed to make your practice safe and compliant.

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Logically organized and easy to find exactly what you need during an emergency. Includes automatic notification of expired items.


Order only what you need when you need it. Prompt service and immediate shipment.


Get the AED and/or accessories that fit your budget. “Protect It” also manages pad and battery expiration dates as well as monthly readiness checks.


Emergency supplies and kits for the most demanding dental emergencies.


Order an OSHA and ANSI compliant kits and/or modify their standard kit to meet the unique requirements of your practice.


Medwaste mail-back solutions to fit the needs of any size dental practice. 

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