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EMK15 - Dental Emergency Medical Kit

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$1129.00 USD

EMK15 - For Pediatric, Adult, and Geriatric Patients

The EMK15 dental emergency medical kit is designed for general dentistry and basic common medical emergencies in practices with pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients.  Each kit includes the seven essential medications and is consistent with both ADA and JADA recommended guidelines.

Product Features of the EMK15:

  • Includes Seven Recommended Essential Medications
  • Includes Adult Epi Pen (0.3 mg)
  • Includes Pediatric Epi Pen (0.15 mg)
  • Includes Nitroglycerin spray instead of Nitroglycerin tablets

Product Features of all Protect It Dental EMKs:

  • Automatic Notification of Expired Items
  • Optional Automatic Replenishment Service - Never get caught with expired items
  • Medication Status tracking via iProtect Emergency Readiness Software
  • Outbound texting feature for re-ordering used medications
  • Clear layout and labeling for easy identification
  • Space for additional medications
Adult Adult & Pediatric
Non-Geriatric Non-Geriatric Geriatric Non-Geriatric Non-Geriatric Geriatric
Qty EMK1 Mini EMK1 EMK5 EMK10 Mini EMK10 EMK15
Albuterol inhaler 1 Inhaler
Diphenhydramine vial 2 Vials
Epi Pen - Adult 1 Injector
Epi Pen - Pediatric 1 Injector
Epi Pen - Trainer 1 Injector
Epinepherine ampules 2 Vials
Nitroglycerin tablets 25Tablets
Nitroglycerin spray 1 Spray Pump
Ammonia Inhalants 3 Inhalants
Aspirin pack 3 - 2 Packs
Glucose gel 1 Gel
Syringes 2 Syringes
CPR Shield 1 Unit
Naloxone vial* 2 Vials