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EMK1 - Dental Emergency Medical Kit

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$669.00 USD

EMK1 - For Practices with Adult (Non-Geriatric) Patients

The EMK1 dental emergency medical kit is designed for general dentistry and common medical emergencies in practices with adult (non-geriatric) patients. Each kit includes the seven essential medications and is consistent with ADA and the JADA recommended guidelines.

Product Features of the EMK1:

  • Includes Seven Recommended Essential Medications
  • Includes Adult Epi Pen (0.3 mg)
  • Does NOT include Pediatric Epi Pen (0.15 mg)

Product Features of all Protect It Dental EMKs:

  • Automatic Notification of Expired Items
  • Optional Automatic Replenishment Service - Never get caught with expired items
  • Medication Status tracking via iProtect Emergency Readiness Software
  • Outbound texting feature for re-ordering used medications
  • Clear layout and labeling for easy identification
  • Space for additional medications
Adult Adult & Pediatric
Non-Geriatric Non-Geriatric Geriatric Non-Geriatric Non-Geriatric Geriatric
Qty EMK1 Mini EMK1 EMK5 EMK10 Mini EMK10 EMK15
Albuterol inhaler 1 Inhaler
Diphenhydramine vial 2 Vials
Epi Pen - Adult 1 Injector
Epi Pen - Pediatric 1 Injector
Epi Pen - Trainer 1 Injector
Epinepherine ampules 2 Vials
Nitroglycerin tablets 25Tablets
Nitroglycerin spray 1 Spray Pump
Ammonia Inhalants 3 Inhalants
Aspirin pack 3 - 2 Packs
Glucose gel 1 Gel
Syringes 2 Syringes
CPR Shield 1 Unit
Naloxone vial* 2 Vials