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Emergency Supplies Kit Adult and Pediatric

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$575.00 USD

Emergency Supplies Kit (ESK) - For Practices with Adult and Pediatric Patients

The ESK kit is designed for general dentistry and common medical emergencies in practices with adult and pediatric patients. Each kit includes supplies needed for administration of oxygen, airway management, IV access and basic patient monitoring. 

Product Features of the ESK:

  • Includes Adult - BVM, rebreather masks, nasal cannulas, I Gel airway set & blood pressure cuff 
  • Includes manual handheld suction (battery powered suction is an add-on option
  • Includes an oxygen tank cart but does NOT include an oxygen tank. We recommend purchasing from your local gas company. 

Product Features of Protect It Emergency Supplies Kits:

  • Automatic Notification of Expired Items
  • Optional Auto-Replenishment Service - Never get caught with expired items
  • Supplies tracking and monitoring via iProtect cloud-based portal
Qty Adult ESK Pedi ESK
Oxygen Regulator 0-15 LPM with Barb Outlet
Oxygen Tank Cart 1
Oxygen Cylinder Wrench with Chain 1
Bag Valve Mask - Adult 1
Nasal Cannulas - Adult 1
Non Rebreather Mask - Adult  1
Nasal Airway Set (Size 22, 24, 26, 28, 30) 5
Oral Airway Set (Size 60, 70, 80, 90, 100)  5
I Gel Airway Set - Adult (Size 3, 4 5) 3
Finger Pulse Oximeter  1
Stethoscope 1
Blood Pressure Cuff - Adult 1
Handheld Suction Pump 1
Yankauer with Adapter  1
IV Access Kit 1
Bag Valve Mask - Pediatric 1
Nasal Cannulas - Pediatric 1
Non Rebreather Mask - Pediatric 1
I Gel Airway - Pediatric (Size 2) 1
Blood Pressure Cuff - Pediatric 1